Terry Garland






Grandma's Hands.mp3


Terry is a classic example of a person who grows up listening to a style of music that is all around him and just picks it up to make it his own. He plays dobro and bottle neck acoustic guitar as good as anyone I have ever seen. I called Jon Dee Graham on this session to play guitar and Terry end up recording 2 of his songs. It is funny how over the years I have recorded Jon Dee's song "Home" about 5 times...it is a great song. Jon Blondell played some bass and these once again ended up being very special sessions!

Terry has great collection of beautiful sounding instruments and that makes the recording job easier. He stomps his foot on the floor while he plays and it is a part of his sound. He hits and scratches his instruments while he plays and he becomes one big musical instrument...voice-guitar-feet, it is cool.

He considers himself a blues player and has studied this style and played the blues his whole life. He is truly a one man band and is a great performer. Look him up, go see him play, if you ever meet him tell him Mike Stewart said hello.