the one and only Splint release







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Along with the Stefan Wolffbrandt recording, I consider this Splint recording to be one of the 2 the best recording I made while living in Denmark. Splint came to me through the Sony, DK while I was working with Poul Krebs, who was also on Sony. At first I was just engineeering for a Splint demo that was being made for Sony, but this turned into a full scale production siutation for me , after Sony dropped them before the demo was even finished,

Morten Bay was the driving force behind this band. He is a very energetic young man who comes from a rock journalist background. He wrote most of the music and sang. This band sang all songs in Danske. I think there are many reasons while this band did not become a big success. They were to real for the pop programmers in Denmark, they were unable to get enough gigs in general to keep themselves building up a fan base, they needed to write in English to be able to play outside of DK where I believe they would have found a bigger audience more easily. Originally Morten wa singing, but after all of this negative stuff happen they got another really good singer who and translated most of the songs into to English to good effect. However by this time people in the band had moved on, getting out of university and getting good jobs, others moving to other towns to continue their university, etc. Recently I heard they had given up on the Splint thing, though all of them seem to be wirting and recording with other band situations.

People really like this cd when I play it for them. Marynka Nicolai picked me to be her producer after hearing Splint. My daughter Julia and all of 20 year old friends liked them a lot.

Morten Bay, Anders Haahr, Anders Mortensen, Martin Bruun and Rasmus Broe remain good friends of each other and of mine. Recently when I was in Kobenhavn to play a show they all came to the gig and put half our band up for the night as well. Morten is pursuing a songwriting career and spends a lot of time in London co-writing and searching for truth. I get to see him often and this is good. Anders Haahr is one of the most natural and creative musician/keyboardists I have ever met. I have been able to have him play on another recording as a session player, the Michlele Solberg "Beyond the Blue" CD. Someday, when I am old, and I put together my country band to tour Europe, I will ask Anders to play.