Skip the Rush



Skip the Rush 6 song EP release fall 2004

This the 2nd EP this band has released that i have produced with them....they are a young emo/metal/prog/punk crew from Amsterdam. Their reviews of this EP are over the top! Quote "Skip the Rush is the future of Nederlands guitar pop" They play a lot and are getting better and better......recording them is always stimulating and stressful.....kind of like group therapy 24X7. Good songs formed in power chord guitar arrangements.....the singer Jaap is on the Rush wavelength. go there and see!



The 1st EP recorded in their rehearsal studio at Aluna!





A Taste of You.mp3

Summer of 99.mp3


I met Skip the Rush's drummer Bow Evers while he was working for the A2A music festival in Amsterdam. He was this energetic positive young man, who played in a couple of new metal/crossover bands. He was a real "go getter" and really got things done. We had a lot of really great conversations about what to do and what not to do as band. Eventually I suggested we try to do a simple recording and so I dragged my protools rig out to their rehearsal space and we did 4 songs. The recordings turned out pretty cool.. so they released this 4 song EP in Dec 2002, and it has gotten good reviews.

Frank is a very good guitar player and spins around on stage more than any other guitar player in Amsterdam. Thijs is the bassist and works hard to understand the job of the bass in a band. He is handsome and fresh. Derrick plays one of those Chapman Stick things, which is not used very much outside of fusion and new age music, and it gives a very interesting twist to the band. Jaap the singer is a bright intelligent young man who sings kind of high and anthemically for this style of music, which actually makes them different and I like his singing alot. He is becoming good songwriter. I saw them play last week for the first time in a few months and they had improved very much. On a 3 band bill, and the first band, they just came out and rocked. cool to see. I see good things for them if they can stay together and keep chipping away at the wall of work it will take, which I think they will do. The best part of the show for me was seeing them playing the songs we had recorded in a confident and powerful way. They also were looking at each other and communicating strongly on stage, something it takes loud bands a long time to learn to do, good for them to be seeing this so early!

They have a cool website and are interconnected with a lot of bands of their genre putting on shows together and going the "do it yourself" path. I wish them power and energy in this.

I cannot wait until we can go to a real studio.. they are talented and clever and we will make some great recordings, I am sure!