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Mark Thiele where are you??? Julia and I want to talk to you!

Mumbleskinny was great band. Doing Soundgarden before they did it. This band was the inspirational child of the greatest rock singer I have ever worked with, Mark Thiele. He could mesmerize an audience and fought hard for years keeping bands together and moving forward. Sometimes the life path of the most talented people is full of holes and stuff to make the way very difficult and I have not worked with a band that had worse luck. Mark's first band was called Near Dark and they were mayeb even better than Mumbleskinny, but could never hold together even to make it over the big bumps.

We recorded this at Arlyn Studio in Austin in 5 days, I think. We even pulled up a Near Dark track for the fianl sequence, but basically weird distribution problems and no money shot it all down. At that time a hard rock band from Austin was an anomaly and I never could figure out all the reasons it did not go anywhere, it just was not meant to be. Earl was way ahead of his time as a guitar player and my guess he is still in San Antonio teaching guitar and chasing dancers. J J the drummer, was and is a super cool drum cat. he later played on some of Michele Solberg's recordings for me and did some time playing with Jon Dee Graham. He still lives and plays in Austin and I hear he has a lovelyand cute little family now, good for you J J.

I talked to Mark last just before I moved to Denmark, soon after he had married his lovely and talent artist girlfriend, Lissa. He had moved to Chicago to finish a university degree and was about to be hired by the CIA. Weird call. He wanted to know if I thought him working for the CIA was selling out. I remember saying to him that the more freaks on the inside, the more the basic structure of an organization could be changed from evil to good, if he could keep his soul and heart to the goal he had spent his life trying to reach. I have not heard from him since and have been trying to find him, recently, with no luck. Maybe he went inside and is being made invisible because of work.....I have been thinking about Mark in these days after Sept 11 and wonder what planet he is even on. If you know Mark, or of his whereabouts please email him or me and help us get together.