Marynka cd Privet, French release 2004

This isthe new Marynka CD. She is Russian and we have made a beautiful recording called PRIVET (which means hello in Russian), that many people seem to like. Marynka has approaches to music I have never experienced, which is fun for me; and I love the sound of classic wooden instruments where wood vibrates or air makes the sounds. We used cellos, harps, oboes, wacky wah wah gtr, the grand piano in her house and various loops and percussion stuff! PRIVET is being released in France through Mauvaise Herbe/Bad Reputation; and in the Netherlands with 4-tune.


Wild Grrrl Marynka


Marynka 1st homemade CD Cover





Cry of Love.mp3


Marynka was the first artist in Amsterdam to ask me to produce her. We fit well together. She is Russian and I am from Texas, somehow this is a good combination. My approach to loops is kind of unconventional and the spirit and atmosphere on the PRIVET cd is really cool. She has a unique approach to writing and playing songs and I have learned a lot and expanded my musical world during this experience. Just before the release in France we added Barracuda Lubov (with Rob Kloet of the NITS on drums and co-producer) and redid Forever in Russian.

We recorded most of these things in her house or in my Tower Room Studio in Amsterdam. She knows a lot of great classical players and I love this situation where a great player with a great instrument and sound steps into my world and I can push them to improvise. We also used her beautiful grand piano in her living room, sort of the "take the studio to the instrument" situation that I think makes musicians play more life like than they are often able to do in a real studio, behind glass and wires while the money clock is running.

We also were lucky to get to go to London 2 times to do vocals in Kenny and Norton's Blueprint Studio on Denmark St. Kenny also played some keyboards and Norton is the best ambient psycho wah wah guitar player in the world, really, just listen! They helped us with some loop programming, filling out some songs to a much more pop level. To have friends like these two guys in London, who support me to come work in their studio is so cool, especially when the studio room has a history of great recordings. (Kinks, Animals, David Bowie) Marynka was able to catch on to this vibe and ride it when we were there......special, very special!

There is a lot of interest to release this record in other parts of the world (US, France, & UK) and people who see her band, SOME LOVELY GIRLS, carry away good vibes and some of the spirit that is in the room. Special things will happen for Marynka I can already see. She is playing a lot in Nederlands now and also in Germany, Amerika, Canada and London in 2003 based on people hearing the CD and that is a big compliment to myself and Miss Marynka.

Marynka has asked me to play bass in her band and I said yes. It is fun to play bass again in a band and a wonderful experience to play in a band that is often filled with lovely young talented girls. Who would say not to this. So if you see we are playing in your town, come say hello to me, I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself!!!!!