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Wooden Bridge.mp3

Kvitnes is a little man with a big voice. He is from Halden, Norway and has released a lot of cds over the years. He had band in Norway for years called Little Eden. He sings in Norske and English. This cd was actually the first recording made in Dansebjerg Studio on Samso Island in Denmark after the Poul Krebs album was done. Another magical session for me. Frank Marstokk -drums, Henrik SP Poulsen -bass, Jon Terje -organ and backing vocals, Søren Jacobsen -Guitar......Kevin Welch, Louis Meyers and Poul Krebs sat in on banjo, guitar and vocals.....basically we really used the atmosphere of the studio to paint a velvet picture. Terje is one of those players who I wish I could carry around in my back pocket, he is soooooo good, he always very tasteful.

Henning is great songwriter. "Heartland", "Kisangani" and "Tjernobyl" are all world class songs and touch people's hearts when then hear him sing them. He has an interesting way of being political without seening so. He reminds me of a Norwegian Jon Dee Graham. I would love to do more recording with Henning some day, he is inspring and works hard. Kvitnes is a sober and alert human being and he has an old fishing boat he keeps running so he can get away from it all. Keep up your spirit Henning the world needs more people like you.

This CD came out on a Small label called Samso Records that was started by Louis Jay Meyers and myself while I was living on Samso in Denmark. We released 2 CD's on Samso while I was involved and Louis has continued the label since I moved to Amsterdam, additionally releasing Michael de Jong and Louis Hofsten. The idea we had was to release great records in the US from Scandanavian artists who would not find it easy to get releases in the US. It is a good idea and Henning's "Heartland" was the historic first disc for this label.