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tthe legendary 1st CD


the 3rd release on Munich


Yup, this is the european EP with Gin and Juice and Ziggy Stardust





the whole gourds catalogue reviewed

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News flash: Gourds version of Snoop Doggy Dog's "Gin & Juice" chosen as best cover song ever in music poll. Jan 2003

Ok, this is my all time favorite band. They completely rock with acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and accordian. I have so many stories about recording with these guys, because I have done 5 releases with them. We recorded 1/2 of the Beeble CD in my living room on Patterson in Austin, when Charlie Lewelyn was still playing drums, and I was finishing it with Stuart Ravenhill laying on the couch talking to me about life, and my daughters Julia and Sara, coming in and out of their busy teenage lives, telling what they liked and did not like. Ben Mattijssen and Ingmar van Wijnsberg came by upon arriving for SXSW and heard what was going on and the Gourds became the 1st US band signed to Munich Records a few weeks later. The other half of the CD we did on ADATs at Kevin's in law's ranch out in Comfort, Texas. Out there the cows and coyote's were our critics and if you listen closely you can hear cows and coyotes and defintely crickets.


Jimmy Smith and Kevin Russell are 2 of the best songwriters I know and they are both in the same band, WOW! Jimmy is also one of the purest musicans I know. He can make a very usefull and musical sound out of anything. Claude Bernard plays the accordian like no-one else and though he does not consider himself and expert I do. Keith Langord joined as drummer when Charlie left and he is a totally groovy player from San Antonio who wears boots when he plays andis always there with a wise comment. The secret weapon, Max Johnston, joined the band during the Ghost sessions after having played with Uncle Tupelo and Wilco...He is a genius of sorts and the best part of his story to me is that he came to the band (with all these heavy credits and said "hey i want to move to Austin and play with you guys". What a Blessing!!! If you have not seen a Gourds show, try to do so, they are the best band on the road in the world today and can outplay anyone...I offer this challenge to anyone including Steve Earle and Ryan fucking Adams... song for song on any stage anywhere they will BLOW your socks off... contact me and I will set up this "battle of the bands"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!