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Wow, I have so many stories about Calvin. We recorded 2 records together and he is another of the artists in Austin I managed for awhile. He is a classic example of the US musician who goes to Europe and plays a lot (like 3 years 50-80 shows a year) and builds up a following to make something happen. Well it did for Calvin in a big way. During the years we worked together he went from the wine and cheese tours (the band sleeping on floors and in the van) to selling out the Zenith in Paris (7,000 seat venue). Two of his CD's sold more than 150.000 copies. I would walk with him on the streets of Paris and he would be asked for autographs every 20 minutes or so. Pretty cool for someone who almost drew no crowd in Austin at all. Calvin is also one of the only performers who has been able to bring some attention to a great Texas musican and songwriter, Blaze Foley, who died a young death, but wrote some great songs which Calvin has worked hard to bring into the view of the world.

The "le Voyageur" cd is a live one, recorded at several concerts in 1998 by a French radio crew. I mixed this in Minneapolis at Prince's Paisley Park Studio. Paisley Park is a very good place to work. Well tuned rooms, lots of dream gear and incredible personnel who get done quickly whatever you ask them to do.

The "Dream of the Dog" CD is probably Calvin's most creative recording. he wrote some very good songs and did an excellent job of choosing some songs written by other people to use for the recording. "Valley Far Below" was written by Michael Barker and Jon Dee Graham's lap steel guitar lines a screaming. Jon Dee wrote "Don't Turn Your Head" and Kris Mckay sang backing vocals. The rythymn section for this entire recording was Jon Blondell on bass and Davis McLarty on Drums. They had never played together and the stuff is so tight and good and matches the songs so well, it makes me look like a genius for choosing them to play on it. Blondell is one of the greatest bass players in the world and Davis is from Lubbock, Texas where he brought the musical history from there with him in his blood. Davis is now one of the premier booking agents in Texas and along with a the very special Mr Wayne Nagel, books an enviable roster: Kelley Willis, Bruce Robison, Jon Dee Graham, the Gourds, Jane Bond + more.