White Thread.mp3

3 am Drag.mp3

This is another band that does not exist anymore. They were very young and very good when we recorded this. Tyrone the guitar player was and still is great guitar player from a family of great guitar players (he is related to Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn). These guys sort of ruled the Steamboat club scene in Austin, Texas for about a year. Hope was high for these guys and they had great manager, Jan Mirkin. However sometimes young bands try to grab for too much too soon and in the end personal conflicts between the singer Dan and the rest of the band cancelled out all of the good things they had going for them and then there was no band. I see this happen a lot. Oh well!

We recorded this at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio, out by lake Travis about 1 hour out of Austin. This is a great studio in theTexas Hill Country. It is big and has view of the lake. Larry Greenhill keeps the equipment in more than usable condition and there have been a lot of great recordings here (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Supersuckers, Wilco)

This band was groove rock dance band and the little samples you can link to above show a bit of that. One of my favorite things about this recording was meeting Jason White, who was a very very good drummer, especially for his age. I have followed his career a bit since then and hope to have him play drums on some sessions someday. Currently he is playing with my best friend and a brilliant songwriter/musician Jon Dee Graham and he is playing drums better than ever. Go Jason Go!