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HELLO.......you have reached the website of mike stewart. I am a music producer, FOH sound designer (sound guy), tour manager, musician and songwriter from austin, texas. I have a lot of experience mixing the right volume vs style, rocking the house or delicate & charming. I know how to travel smart, keep the days easy and practical.



YOU MAY HAVE ALSO HEARD THAT I STARTED A BAND, YUP, IT'S TRUE! Well it is true......TEXAS MIKE & TUMBLEWEED CARTEL are doin' shows. We play both acoustic RESENTMENTS style shows and electric ROCK shows. We are playing songs that have been written by Tim Jasper, myself, and several great songwriters, many of whom I know well and have worked with. (Jon Dee Graham. Javier Escovedo, the Gourds, Jimmy Smith, Kevin Russell) We are playing a lot of covers. Too Much fun for me!


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New Joep Pelt "Stick it In"

Joep is an amazing young Dutch man who has actually studied on his own during his travels, Delta Blues. He knocked on Model T Ford's door in Mississippi and said "Hey man, can I play guitar with you?" We recorded the cd completely in the Tower Rooms. It is getting great reviews in Nederlands, France and Belgium, where it is out now

New Arlenes "Going to California"

London's the Arlenes CD with a freakshow of musicians from Austin playing on it. hints of Roy Clark, Chris Isaacs, Graham & Emmy......WOW!

New Skip The Rush "Chaperone"

6 song EP, young Amsterdamse prog punk metal art emo rock....Rush and Styx, meet Pavement and Incubus at school....


Come Down & Meet the Folks

This is not a band, but a place or a gathering. Alan Tyler and Big Steve Tree have been doing some kind of a party in Camden on Sunday evenings for 8 or 9 years. It used to be at the Engine Room and then went to Rosie's on Royal College Street, then to the Golden Lion. Now is at the Fiddlers Elbow, but still in Camden. They host the best of all kinds of talent and pass the hat, but the artists usually make some money. The Gourds had an infamous show here once, where Jimmy Smith almost performed the whole of Tommy off the cuff. If you are going to play in London, contact them. They might have room for you!



New Jon Dee Graham "FULL" is out and I am looking for a good image, but you can go here and see/buy it

As I have made no secret of how much i love Jon, it will come as no surprise how good I feel about making this new cd with him. It was recorded in 3 days at Top Hat Recording in Austin and I mixed it in Amsterdam at the Tower Room. Buy it, listen to it, whatever.....you will feel good......"FULL" IS SOMETHING VERY WONDERFUL!!!!!


New Jewel in the Mire "Getting Away With Murder"

It has made it out and with new cover from Alfie! The booklet continues the cartoon theme and the band can now get down to business, awesome!!!

New Platforms "Kicked Off"

Garage punk fashion rockers, way more like the Zeros than the GoGo's......developing fast fun to hang out with in the studio, cool!


Jon dee Graham

New Jon dee CD out now!!


Jon is the reason I moved to Austin Texas in 1983. He is from the Mexican border town of Eagle Pass. He is, hands down, my favorite songwriter and guitar player. He was in the Skunks (texas punk rockers) and the True Believers (triple guitar outfit with the Escovedo bros). Jon and I have been through a lot together. I have tried to use him on every session I could through the years. He has released 3 solo records that are a wonder to hear and I believe 1 or more songs on each one he wrote in my living room. Jon is very special to me even though he is hamfisted and hardheaded. Please check him out.




NEW MARYNKA "Too Much is Not Enough"

Marynka remains the special indescribable woman, singer, player, animal, alien......hard to describe how i feel about her....but she means a lot to me and this is smart, clever music. Co-produced with Rob Kloet of the NITS and DJ Goldfinger from Salon USSR.


Marynka "Privet"

Marynka the Russian Princessa.....she sings, she dances, she composes, she is full of positive energy! She is moving from the East to the West and then back with her music and her soul........

The Gourds

new gourds cd out "The Blood of the Ram"......great reviews/great band....they have gone a bit electric;....it makes it even more swampy.

This my all time favorite band to work with. I recorded 5 releases with them and even managed them for awhile. They are from Austin Texas and they know hundreds of songs. Kevin Russell and Jimmy Smith are 2 of the best songwriters I know and they are in the same band, Cool. Jimmy is also one of the most natural musicians I have ever met and he plays bass like Rick Danko.


Alan Tyler

In my book, Alan Tyler deserves his own spot on any website. He is a hard working persistent Camden Town cowboy. He was in the Rockingbirds when I met him and he remains one of the central sources of inspiration for a lot of musicians in London. He has made a wonderful record, called "Faithful" which he has basically self released and is produced by Sean Reid and Alan. BJ Cole plays steel on it. It is full of great songs. Alan has been a great friend to me and I hope to point a lot of people his direction.